Public Libraries 2030 will work with libraries to promote participation and engagement in the upcoming European elections as an official partner of the European Parliament.

This year’s elections are critical with huge issues at stake for the future of the union such as the rise of populism and fake news, the erosion of democracy and, of course, Brexit. These are all issues that public libraries, as trusted institutions, are uniquely placed to address.

Public Libraries 2030, in partnership with IFLA and EBLIDA, will develop a range of tools and opportunities for libraries to explore these important issues at the heart of our European democracies.

This is the first initiative for Public Libraries 2030 and shows how the new organisation can help to create vital new projects and community services to tackle the global issues facing EU citizens.

Marie Ostergaard, Chair of the board and Library Director, Aarhus Public Libraries, Denmark:

Public libraries are key to democratic development, learning and literacy. They empower diverse populations and provide spaces and access to knowledge to support people’s own development. Public Libraries 2030 will be a strong voice of advocacy for libraries to demonstrate their essential role, creating and supporting communities.

Public Libraries 2030 (PL2030) is a non-profit organisation that grew out of the Public Libraries 2020 programme which ended last year. Building on the network of library leaders and European policy-makers which worked with PL2020, PL2030 works to bring leading libraries across Europe together with partners to create innovative projects and effective advocacy.