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MEP Library Lovers

MEP Library Lovers

The MEP Library Lovers group brings together Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) from around the EU who are passionate about libraries.

60 Books for Summer

60 books for the summer

60 Books for the Summer is a one-of-the kind reading list showcasing a wide range of literary works from across Europe, as recommended by MEPs.

Generation Code

Generation Code

Generation Code: Born at the Library is an annual interactive exhibition showcasing the top innovative digital exhibits from public libraries in the EU.

Libraries Lead with Digital

libraries lead with digital

A toolkit created by librarians, for librarians, that includes online resources to help people stay safe online, grow their digital skills and explore coding.

What should the European Parliament be reading?

What should the European Parliament be reading?

Summer may be over, but there is no better time to pick up a good book than the start of term! Just in time for the start of the new European Parliament mandate, our network of Lighthouse Libraries from across Europe have curated a thought-provoking list of book...

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