60 Books for the Summer

Wondering what to read this summer? Look no further!

The MEP Library Lovers group presents 60 Books for the Summer, a one-of-the kind reading list showcasing literary works from across Europe, as recommended by MEPs.

During the Generation Code exhibition in 2016, we launched the MEP Library Lovers Group, full of MEPs passionate about libraries, books, reading, and the important role they all play in building strong local communities.

Now, members of the MEP Library Lovers Group share their personal recommendations on what needs to be on your reading list this summer. Literary triumphs, short stories, essays, poetry and guilty pleasures: 60 Books for the Summer has something for every reader.

Reading enriches our lives, but it also hugely impacts on skills development and social inclusion. One in five European citizens remain functionally illiterate. 60 Books for the Summer is a tool through which MEP Library Lovers and local public libraries will work together to promote literacy, inclusion and equality.

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