Lighthouse Sessions 2020

Over the month of June, in collaboration with Tortoise Media and with the support of the European Cultural Foundation, we hosted a series of sessions to explore topics concerning the impact and implications of the Coronavirus for the library community.

In discussion with Tony Ageh, Chief Digital Officer at the New York Public Library.

The online presence of the library service has been the primary outlet for the continuation of services and activities during the lockdown. In this session, we explore how an online presence can support the physical library space.

5 calls to action and reflection from this session!


Based on the sessions’ group chats, we created word clouds encompassing the discussions held in the chat.

In discussion with Marie Østergård, Library Director of Aarhus Public Libraries.

This crisis has revealed different approaches to government and citizen control and the erosion of rights and responsibilities. It is clear that policymakers should acknowledge the need for a deeper quality of citizen engagement at all levels. In this session we explore how libraries can be democratic hubs.

5 calls to action and reflection from this session!

In discussion with David Lankes, Professor and Director of the University of South Carolina’s School of Library and Information Science.

As libraries begin to reopen, a key challenge is how to articulate their value. How can they continue to communicate such value to policymakers, the public and practitioners?

5 calls to action and reflection from this session!