About us

We are currently piloting Libraries lead with Digital in these libraries:

Leading partners

Public Libraries 2020

The Public Libraries 2020 programme (PL2020) is working to raise awareness about the importance of the EU 65,000 public libraries as modern learning hubs close to citizens and (potential) learners. Public libraries have been expanding their role in local communities enormously over the last decades – many of them now help people develop their digital skills, advance or acquire other skills (such as literacy) through various lifelong learning opportunities and offer a neutral and trusted space for people to create, learn, and connect.

Grow With Google

Google’s core mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Throughout our project of Grow with Google we aim to create more opportunity for everyone. In Europe, Grow with Google provides free training courses, tools and in-person coaching to help people get the right skills to find a job, advance their careers, grow their businesses and gain new skills for the future.