Libraries Lead with Digital

In the future 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills – but today 44% of Europeans (aged 16 to 74) do not have basic digital skills. Helping people develop their digital skills is both a key goal for public libraries across the EU and a Google priority.

Public Libraries 2020 (PL2020) and Google are excited to partner with and equip libraries with resources to support and train their local communities.

“Libraries Lead with Digital” is a toolkit created by librarians, for librarians, that will include online resources and lesson plans to help people stay safe online, grow their digital skills, and explore coding.

Over the next few months, our cohort of 10 libraries will compile the toolkit in order to help young people and adults discover new opportunities, learn new digital skills and give everyone the opportunity to create, have fun, find a job, advance their career or grow their business. Digital technology has become a ubiquitous part of our everyday life, so it is essential to prepare Europeans to navigate the digital world and succeed in today’s job market. We believe everyone in Europe, from students to young adults to older people, should have the opportunity to learn about online safety, digital skills, and computer science.

How can my Library Lead with Digital

Have you ever wanted to deliver an activity to your local community but needed the right resources and guidance around it?

A cohort of libraries in the UK and Ireland tested a series of resources around digital skills, online safety and computer science and developed How-to-guides to help other libraries start running their own activities.