Public Libraries 2030 is a non-profit organisation that grew out of the Public Libraries 2020 programme funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The original programme began in 2014 and aimed to put public libraries on the EU agenda and raise awareness of the important role they play in life-long learning and literacy.

Building on the network of library leaders and European policy-makers which came together under PL2020, PL2030 works to give libraries across Europe an extra edge through the curation of innovative projects and effective advocacy.

Our purpose

Public Libraries 2030 believes that public libraries are the key to a democratic, socially engaged and digitally inclusive Europe. We support leading European libraries to become powerful change agents. We do this by creating and sharing knowledge on the innovative projects across Europe that help to empower and engage citizens. We enable the roll-out of new initiatives and innovative community-based services to tackle the global issues facing EU citizens.

Vision and mission

Our vision is that public libraries are open places that empower citizens to create a democratic, socially engaged and digitally inclusive Europe.

Public Libraries 2030 supports innovative European librarians to become powerful social and economic change agents. We will:

  • Connect a network of innovative library professionals to strengthen their communities
  • Innovate by curating and managing cross-border projects between our network of major public institutions and funding partners
  • Advocate for libraries at EU level to foster political support and unlock funding opportunities.

What we do

  • Create innovative projects with libraries and link them to relevant partners and funders
  • Advocate for the importance of public libraries to EU decision makers
  • Connect libraries with partners to contribute to civil society initiatives
  • Put public libraries on the agenda by showing how they are providing spaces that can help to solve crucial issues
  • Help civil society initiatives to deliver on their public affairs agenda.