Date: 14-16 June 2022
Venue: Goethe Institut, Athens, Greece

This is a time when libraries are opening their doors to debate and inclusive dialogue in order to be meeting places for citizens. This is also a time when the ways knowledge is accessed in libraries is challenging traditional practices and governance. In 2022, EBLIDA will celebrate its 30 years of existence. There is no better way to celebrate an anniversary than delivering value for EBLIDA members, as a present for their loyalty and trust. Together with delivery, we would also like to show that library organisations active at European level may follow a methodology based on cooperation and a savvy repartition of their tasks.

Many things will be out of ordinary in the 30th EBLIDA Annual Council and Conference, with a mixture of internal and external activities.

EBLIDA’s activities will take place over three days, and not 2 days as in previous years.

In Athens, EBLIDA will approve its 2022-2025 Strategic Plan during the Annual Council, which takes place on 14th of June 2022.

During the EBLIDA Conference, on 15th June, we wish to open a debate about EBLIDA’s core message to and about libraries striving towards a sustainable, democratic and equitable society. We have opted for a traditional formula; after two years homeworking, librarians have reached saturation from virtual talks – working together is first and foremost a manifestation of human understanding.

On 16th June, a common EBLIDA – NAPLE – Public Libraries 2030  Programme will be offered to  participants with the title: “Libraries on the European Agenda – network and co-creation”, especially designed to strengthen exchange, innovation, and cooperation between European libraries bringing together the members of the three organisations, in learning and interacting activities and do-it-yourself networking. We wish to open a permanent forum in order to show that specific policies and objectives, even when not perfectly aligned, are contributing to the prosperity and the vitality of the library community in Europe.

As background to these events, EBLIDA will make available to European libraries:

  • The new EBLIDA 2022-2025 Strategic Plan, to be approved by the EBLIDA Council;
  • The draft Council of Europe/ EBLIDA Guidelines on Library Legislation and Policy in Europe, to be incorporated as a medium-term operation within the work of the EBLIDA Council;
  • The EBLIDA 2nd European report on sustainable development and libraries together with specific products generated from it for ad hoc purposes;
  • A draft review of e-lending practices in some European countries.

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